The second questionnaire

The second questionnaire checks the students' experience from the first year of their participation.
Here we have the assesment grids

Report - 2nd Trans. Meeting

  1. Artistic Path
Each school will collect information about each region’s traditional arts. This information will be uploaded in Twin space/Blog by the end of January.
Also, students can choose a specific theme from the artistic path, which they will present in the first workshop during the mobility in Romania.
In addition, students will take part in a craft workshop from recycling materials.

  1. Psycho – kinetic activities
Each school will use the theatrical play across the paths either with environmental or humanitarian approach.
The products will be presented in the second workshop in Romania.
The theatrical plays’ duration will be about 30 minutes.
We will film these theatrical plays and will upload them in our blog.

  1. Emotional health – Euphoria – Expression
For this task we will organize a third workshop in Romania. In this workshop, students will be separated in three transnational groups and they will create a land art poster, with materials from several paths in Romania or brought with them from their country.

  1. Leaflet
Students will create a leaflet in order to promote the paths of their area. It will include information about the history, the culture, the economy, the traditional products, the natural environment and tourism.
Its presentation will be held during the mobility in Greece.

  1. Sport activities
Starting the second semester (February) students will study sport activities along paths. Students from each country will collect information about sport activities which can do in their local paths and then they will present these sports in documents (pdf or power point) for the blog.
Also, they can study the principle of clean sport and they will discuss the doping or energy drinks.
Each school can organize several sports during this semester and the Greek school will be responsible for a workshop during the third mobility with sport activities along paths, for example, flying fox, Kano kayak, horse riding and others. The expenses for this workshop will be shared by the three schools.

  1. Healthy lifestyle
Students will study the local plants and what these plants are useful for and how to use them.
So, they will create :
  1. A recipe album which will contain four recipes from each country (the first dish, the main course, the dessert and the drink). These albums will promote the local traditional cuisine and then they will be presented in our blog with documents and photos.
  2. A study-book with herbs which are used in herbal medicine. These books will contain the name of the herb, the scientific name, the use and its photo. These books will be presented in our blog.
The Greek school will organize a healthy diet day during the mobility with local products as a second workshop in Greece.

  1. Application
Each school has two options. The first is to hire a company that will undertake the responsibility to map the chosen path. The second option is to buy the equipment (a GPS) in order to be used by students.
When we have the coordinates of the map, we can give this information to local authorities in order to fund the creation of the map application.
The cost of this application is very big and our grand isn’t enough to fund both mapping and application. So, we will create the map of the path and the application will be created by another way, if it is possible. Differently, we will create only the map of the path with GPS.
The program funds only seventy five per cent (75%) of the total cost and we have 1000 € for this Exceptional cost.

  1. School magazine
The Italian school has to publish the second issue for the second semester (from February 2018 to June 2018). The Romanian school will publish the third issue and the fourth issue will be published by the Greek school.

  1. Textbook
The Romanian and Greek schools created papers (worksheets) which were posted in our blog about biology, physics and geology. The Italian school has to create its papers for our textbook.
All partners will create papers (worksheets) for chemistry.

  1. Conferences
Each school will organize a conference in the end of the second year in order to disseminate the results of the project.

  1. Digital album
We will create new digital albums for this year.

  1. Assessment
We will create a questionnaire to assess the students change of attitudes towards the environment. This questionnaire will be organized by the Greek school and it will be sent to each school and it will be filled by the students with the teachers’ responsibility.
Each school will organize :
  1. A photography exhibition in the third semester and
  2. A healthy diet day in the fourth semester
in order to assess the quality of the students’ participation.

  1. Final report
Each school will send all the produced material to the coordinator in order to do the final report by June 2019.

  1. Second Mobility in Romania
The second mobility in Romania will be held from 09 December 2018 to 15 December 2018.
The Romanian school will be responsible for this mobility. It will produce an informative report about this mobility by the end of November 2018.
The head teacher of the Romanian school will be responsible to inform the other partners about their expenses and he/she will provide an attestation for partners.
We will use the EUROPASS certification.

  1. Third Mobility in Greece
The third mobility in Greece will be held from 05 May 2019 to 11 May 2019.
The Greek school will be responsible for this mobility. It will produce an informative report about this mobility by the end of March 2019.
The head teacher of the Greek school will be responsible to inform the other partners about their expenses and he/she will provide an attestation for partners.
We will use the EUROPASS certification.

Press release


Press release about the Second Transnational Meeting in Italy by the Greek school

Some local sites which have presented our press release :

Final edition of the BOARD GAME

The final edition of the board game is here :
1. Instructions 
2. Cards of the E1 European path
3. Cards of the E4 European path
4 Cards of the E6 European paath
5. Cards of the E8 European path
6 The board of the game