The assesment of the second Mobility in Romania

The Romanian school produced a questionnaire in order to assess the second mobility in Romania.

Here we have the assesment grids
1.Was the LTT activity according to the programme?

2.The time distribution for each activity

3.What was your overall impression of the mobility?

4.Were you satisfied with the organisation of the meeting?

5.Were you satisfied with the arranged activities during the meeting?

6.What is your overall impression of the cultural and social activities?

7.Do you feel that you have learnt more about the host country and the culture?

8.Which activity did you find most relevant?

9.Do you believe that the cultural exchange and visit to this country will be of use for you in the future?

10.Do you feel that you are now more confident in using the English language?

11.What were your key takeaways from this mobility?

12. Write 2 reasons why you would encourage one of your classmates to participate in a LTT activity within an Erasmus+ project.
  • I believe that is very important for each participant to meet, cooperate and get to know other classmates from different countries.
  • First of all when you experience something you learn it better and once you learn it that way you won’t forget it. The second one is that these activities encourage team work and cooperation.
  • You can open your social horizons and see the culture of other foreign countries.
  • Firstly, you can see different cultures and you can taste traditional foods. Secondly, this journey can expand children’s horizons.
  • The opportunity to travel abroad and see different places and cultures. With that way we will acquire knowledge and will have also the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.
  • You meet new people and you learn about their culture and you have the opportunity to see sights and buildings that you haven’t the opportunity to see in your life.
  • By participating in this project you have the opportunity to meet other people of your age, work with them and share your thoughts.
  • To have the experience of being abroad and broaden their horizons through activities associated with the Erasmus+ Program.
  • Sharing experiences with people coming from different countries and learning a lot about their culture and traditions.
  • Two of the most important reasons to participate in a LTT activity are that you make lifelong friendships and you gain the experience of being abroad.
  • Firstly, I would suggest it for the experience of the program and secondly, meet new people and broaden your mind.
  • Friends, travel.
  • New friends, journey.
  • Culture and experience.
  • To be with new friends.
  • More nationalities – different ideas.
  • Working with students from abroad, learning more
  • A new experience, fellows.
  • The experience of being abroad, although the time spent with Romanian students was too short; interesting activities, even if the information given during the tour was poor.
  • Thanks to the activities they had the opportunity to get to know the local culture except for the last afternoon which was boring. From the Romanian group too many adults and too few students.
  • We met people from other countries with different traditions. Also we had new experiences of travelling abroad.