Senior High School of Thesprotiko

Kostas Lamprou, a physics teacher in Senior High School of Thesprotiko, will be the coordinator of the project. He has done Postgraduate Studies in New Technologies and the Research in Physics Education and he has got a Master Science degree in Photonics and Material Science. He works on environmental programs (last year in the net of European paths) and teaches environmental subjects at school. He organizes visits to environmental centers around Greece and scientific approaches of various issues to universities and research centers. He also works towards finding opportunities for his students so as to ensure holistic and collaborative learning by combing cultural stimuli from the areas of art and literature. His objective is to give students the chance to socialize through their contact with nature and he is interested in the cross cultural interpersonal communication among students as well as the integration of immigrant students in the local social network.

Pavlina Loli, is a teacher of English language and literature in our school. She has done post-graduate studies in New technologies and policies in educational practices (specifically titled "Communications, Education, Technology") in the University of Manchester. She holds a Master of Education specialized in teacher training. Her participation in school environmental programs and a personal concern about the power of nature and the threats posed to it, have aroused her interest in environmental issues. A cross - curricular approach is achieved through her lesson.

Paraskevi Anagnostou, has studied management and economics and she is an economics teacher. She has participated in an environmental program about the European path E6. She is interested in learning about the effects, that alternative tourism brings about on the local economy, creating new enterprises and improving the living standards of the residents in the local community.   

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