Thesprotiko is a village which belongs to the prefecture of Preveza in Ipeirus county in the west of Greece. It has about 2,000 inhabitants. Its name used to be “Lelova” until 1927. Geographically speaking, it is the ‘capital’ of Small Lakka Souliou, which is a beautiful valley that involves the following villages:
Krania, Tyria, Rizovouni, Galatas, Zervo, Papadates, Melianna, Assos, Nikolitsi, Elia, Platania as well as a part of Ziros lake. It is surrounded by Mount Baltenessi (1250m high) in the west and Tsouka-Podogora-Zarchorachi (1270m) in the east. It combines both view, olive and orange groves and rich vegetation. Stefani or Kantzas, another village known for its ancient axes, spears and arcs found there, is in the south of the valley.  
Let us say a few words about some of these villages. Rizovouni, whose name has a Slavic origin meaning ‘at the foot of the mountain’, has a population of 784 (seven hundred and eighty-four) inhabitants. There is Kastri, a hill of archaeological and historical interest. There are the ruins of the ancient town Vatia (8th century B.C) and the Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary.
The settlement of Galatas  is built 250-300 above sea level at the east of Lakka. There you can relax under the perennial plane trees, drink spring water, see the cave where the villagers hid during shelling and so on. Zervo, another village with a population of 172 residents and its neighbouring village Papadates are the perfect places for walking and paragliding.
Elia, Nikolitsi and Assos are other villages located in the west of Lakka. Assos is the highest of the three, built 426m above sea level but not as high as Meliana Prevezis, Dervizenna, Romano and Sistrouni which are located farther and belong to the Prefecture of Ioannina.  
All the villages have their own history, sights and keep tradition alive in their own way. They have cultural clubs. Their residents are hospitable and seek for the best for their villages and families.  

Orthodox Church of Thesprotiko Preveza

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