Report - 1st Tran. Meeting

  1. Logo
Students from each school will be asked to design the logo of the project. Each school will choose the best one. After the selection, the logo from each school will be uploaded in the Google drive and Emilia NEGRU, who is an art teacher from the Romanian school, will combine all these in order to produce the final logo of the project.
All schools should upload the logo until 10 December and Emilia NEGRU should produce the final one until 17 December.
After the creation, the partners will undertake the responsibility of its dissemination.
  1. Fairytale
Each school should choose the best fairytale until February. The fairytale will be among 3 – 6 pages (without pictures) in A5 dimension.
Each fairytale will be read (presented) in workshop in the mobility in Italy and it will be published until the end of the first year of the project (August 2018).
Each fairytale will be translated in the languages of all participating countries. We will produce three different books (English – Greek, English – Italian, English – Romanian).
The activity leading organization is the school of Greece.
All fairytales which will be produced we will uploaded in the Twin space/Blog of the program in English.

  1. European paths
Each school will collect information about the European paths which are in each country and the local paths which are in each region. This information will be uploaded in Twin space/Blog until the end of January.
Also, each school can organize outdoor activities in local paths with its students in all over the duration of the program and it will upload these in Twin space/Blog/Group Face book.

  1. Historic & Archaeological path
Each school should spot a few sites of interest which are located on or near the paths and collect information about them which will be uploaded to Twin space/Blog until the end of January. 

  1. Textbook
Each school will create papers about biology, physics, chemistry and geology in order to organize the lab in nature.
This textbook will be completed for each school before the mobilities in order to take place in the mobilities.

  1. School magazine
In the first year of the project we will create two issues of the school Magazine.
The school Magazine will be called EP(e)M.
In each semester the host country will be responsible for its publication. For the first semester, the partners will send the material to the Greek school until the end of January. For the second semester, the partners will send the material to the Italian school until the end of June.
Emilia NEGRU will create the cover paper for the school Magazine until the end of December.
  1. Board game
Starting the second semester (February) each school will choose twenty photos from paths of geographical, historical and cultural interest in order to design a board game.
This activity should be completed until the end of April in order to organize a workshop in Italy where we will define the final structure of the board game. It will be produced as a physical object until the end of August.
The activity leading organization is the school of Italy.
  1. Literature path
Each partner will choose literature works that involve the idea of the path related to it literary or metaphorically. Students will read it from February to April and they will present it in the workshop in Italy.
  1. Artistic path
This activity will be transferred to the third semester.
  1. Conferences
Each school will organize a conference in the end of the first year in order to disseminate the project.

  1. Structure of Twin space
All partners agreed to the structure of Twin space.
The coordinator will create this structure in Twin space and each partner will upload the produced material on it.
  1. Blog
All partners agreed to create a Blog to support and promote the achieved outcomes of the activities that will take place during the project.
The coordinator will be responsible for it and all partners will send him the produced material in order to upload it in the Blog.
The Blog’s name is and it will have the agreed structure.
  1. Group Face book
We will create a group Face book which will be called EP(e)M.
  1. Assessment
In the first year we will create a questionnairein order to check the knowledge of the students about European and local paths.
Each host country will produce questionnaire in order to assess the mobility in its country.
Also, the Greek school will produce a questionnaire in order to assess the first transnational meeting in Greece.
All questionnaires will be produced by Google forms.
  1. Dissemination
Each school will be responsible for the dissemination of the project in its country.
  1. First Mobility in Italy
The first mobility in Italy will be held from 06 May 2018 to 12 May 2018.
The Italian school will be responsible for this mobility. It will produce an informative report about this mobility until the end of March 2018.
The head teacher of the Italian school will be responsible to inform the other partners about their expenses and he/she will provide an attestation about these.
We will use the EUROPASS certification.
  1. Second Transnational Meeting
The second Transnational Meeting will be held in Italy from 09 September to 12 September 2018.
  1. Contract
All the partners co – signed a contract where they agreed on the above issues.

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