Report - First Mobility in Italy

Erasmus+ Project - “European Path (e)Motion”
The first transnational mobility of the Erasmus+ Project “European Path (e)Motion” - KA219 Strategic Partnership for Schools only - Project code: 2017-1-EL01-KA219-036151 – has taken place in Italy from May 6th to May 12th 2018, as planned in the project and during the first transnational meeting. The programme provided by the host school, IIS “Caminiti-Trimarchi”, included the following activities:
During the first workshop, on Monday morning, the students from the host school presented their working activities about the different paths prepared for the partner-students from High School of Thesprotiko, Greece, and from Liceul Teoretic “Aurel Lazar” Oradea, Romania.
The opening ceremony was hosted by the Headteacher, Ms Carmela Maria Lipari, and representatives from the press and from local authorities were also there to welcome the guests and to underline the relevance and international importance of the event.

The afternoon was dedicated to the Archeological Path in Giardini Naxos, first Greek colony in Sicily. Students and teachers visited the local Archeological Park and Museum.

On Tuesday, the entire day was devoted to the Historical and Artistic Path in Catania, on Goethe’s and the Grand Tour’s footsteps, to discover the beauty of ancient palaces, the baroque style of the buildings and the magnificent Cathedral.

Both Archeological and Literary was the theme of the Path in program for the third day, Wednesday, when the group of the project visited the superb Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, and the birthplace of one of the most preeminent Italian writers, Luigi Pirandello.

On Thursday, the Naturalistic and Geological Path brought students and teachers up to the Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, which offered a splendid view from above, an intense feeling of greatness and nature power, swinging between the black colour of the lava and the white candour of the snow.
In the afternoon, the trip went on along the Alcantara river, through a Byzantine path and straight to the incredible gorges formed millions of years ago.

On Friday morning, the team was at school again, working on the other activities planned for the week in Italy. Each school had previously chosen a fairytale among those written by the students, and these amazing fairytales were presented, read and performed during the morning workshop. All students proved to be very original and inventing, having produced such different but evenly valuable stories, enriched with nice and unique pictures.
During the workshop, the Greek school presented the main structure and features of what will be the final Board Game, to be played all together during the last mobility in Greece at the end of the fourth semester. Both the Italian and Romanian schools agreed on the ideas proposed by the Greek students and fully accepted the outline of the board game.
Each partner then recounted about the literature works related to the idea of the path that students had read from February to April. The Romanian school will later perform the book as a theatrical play during the next mobility in Romania by the end of the third semester.

During the last afternoon together, the group experienced the last Path, both Cultural and Naturalistic, going from the fascinating Isolabella to the charming town of Taormina, which gave the guests a last beautiful sight on Giardini Naxos from the height of the Ancient Greek-Roman Theatre.

All fairytales, itineraries, pictures, videos and other material produced will be uploaded onto the Twin Space, the Blog and the FB group of the project.

An assessment questionnaire on the activities of the mobility will provide relevant information about the progress and effectiveness of the project. See link below:
by Carmelina Longo

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