Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Caminiti - Trimarchi"

Our school institution is made up of four different study specializations – scientific, classical, professional and language secondary school, with a total student population of about 1000 pupils.
The school operates in a territory which includes several towns in the province of Messina, with different cultural, social and economic features. The area spans from the sea to the valleys of Nisi, Agrò and Alcantara.
In this context, the school institution has been representing for years a cultural reference of major importance, whose primary purpose is educational. The school is also engaged in a broader mission, though, bound to the labour market, which is, today more than ever, competitive and prospected towards internationalization, information technology and globalization.
Our Liceo Scientifico and Linguistico situated in Giardini Naxos has about 200 students and is particularly devoted to cultural and international events, according to the tourist vocation and to the culturtal, historical and literary liveliness of the area.
Caminiti - Trimarchi  
Our school cooperates with several foundations and organizations for the management and implementation of cultural, literary and environmental activities both at school and outside the institution. The study of  our classical tradition and history, being Giardini Naxos the first Greek colony in Sicily, enriches our students' awareness thanks to the direct contact with archaeological sites such as the Ancient Greek Theatre in Taormina and the Archaeological Park in Naxos.
The natural surroundings of our area also offers our students the opportunity to deal both with marine and mountainous environments, in order to carry out curricular studies and extra-curricular projects.
The persons involved in the project have the right skills and expertise for the planned activities. The cross curricular dimension is given by the participation in the project of teachers of several school subjects, such as foreign languages, natural science, physics and humanities.

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