European Paths

The European Path is a long distance paths net that crosses Europe going through different ecosystems and regions of special cultural interest. In general, the routes use the national and local paths that already exist. The history of the paths starts in the late 60's, when European climbers influenced by the alternative ideas of the era, decided to create an international path net. It was the beginning of an important effort that resulted in the creation of 11 European paths 50.000 Km in total . The routes designed cross the European continent from north to south and west to east. For example the :

E1 path (5000Km) goes from Norway to Italy

The European Path E1
E4 path (6300Km) goes from Spain to Cyprus
The European Parh E4
E6 parh (5200Km) goes from Finland to Greece
The European Path E6
E7 path (4800Km) goes from Spain to Romania.
The European Path E7
Tsese paths connect our schools :
 Greece, Senior High School of Thesprotiko
 Italy, Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Caminiti - Trimarchi"
 Romania, Liceul Teoretic "Aurel Lazar"

It is then very important to connect various countries through the paths that run across Europe for thousands of Kilometers. Apparently the path is a challenge for European teenagers to share experiences with other nations with whom we are connected by the same paths and to know new civilizations and cultures that will develop them holistically. Since the European paths join countries in Europe they can also unite European citizens living in the same continent. Walking together these paths, students will realize that the European vision becomes true when people walk towards each other without fear of the different, empowering the notion that we create "paths" that unite us and pull down "walls" that isolate us.

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