Description of the Project

The European Path (e)Motion is a project whose aim is the approach and the promotion of the European paths, that cross our continent, through different views. First of all, the project's objective is to give the opportunity to participants to gain knowledge through the movement in the path. Also, using activities in nature we want them to establish relations with it and change attitudes and values towards it. Thirdly, the humanitarian dimension of the program is of great importance, since it aims at bringing together people of different nationalities and cultures paying attention to the emotion that is cultivated if they walk the common European paths, which unite people.
Three schools take part in this project. The Senior High School of Thesprotiko, Greece, the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Caminiti - Trimarchi", Italy and the Liceul Teoretic "Aurel Lazar", Romania.
During the project there will be activities which will study the European paths from a geographical point of view, but also through different sciences (geology, biology, physics, chemistry, environmental studies). Also, activities will be conducted about the historic and archaeological paths and their importance. In addition, activities related to the approach of the path through literature and the inclusion of the idea of refugee paths are of great interest. Of course sports activities in nature as well as actions related to the promotion of local products and healthy dieting add  great value. Moreover, the activities will cover the psycho - kinetic field resulting in emotional health and euphoria. Finally, students will participate in artistic activities having thus the chance to create inspired works related to the paths. The actions will include blended mobility of school learners and short term exchanges of groups of students.
All the activities of the project will be conducted using innovative approaches that will study the issue of the path cross curricularly and holistically. Specifically the methods of brainstorming, interview, bibliographical research, role playing, drama will be used. The whole project will be based on experiential learning which makes knowledge even more interesting for young learners.
The results expected from the implementation of the project will lead to the contact with nature, away from the passive way of life. This will result in the protection of nature. Also there will be cognitive results as well as linguistic development which is very important for the communication among students. Additionally, results are expected at the emotional level for all participants, who will wally together the common European paths and will thus meet each other putting aside difference and making true the European vision for unity.
The impact of the project doesn't only involve individuals but will be apparent at a social, local. national and transnational level, too. Specifically, our aim is the promotion of the path so as to be used by the modern person for business development in the areas around the path. We also aim to have a strong impact on the educational institutes as far as their educational policy about the environment  is concerned. Last but not least the regional and national organizations are important target groups in order to rethink policies towards sustainable development.  

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