The objectives pursued have to do with the needs of pupils, staff, school and community. Our intention is thus :
1. To bring students and staff in direct contact with nature so as to understand the relations of humans with it and make them environmentally sensitive.
2. To develop cognitive skills through experiential learning in nature.
3. To record daily human activities in nature as well as the qualitative and quantitative results of it.
4. To give students experiential stimuli in order to develop friendly attitudes and values in their relationships with nature and the environment so as to promote sustainable development.
5. To learn to work in teams, to create collective agreements for environmental issues and to present the new knowledge in various ways in terms of experience and knowledge diffusion to people or groups who have similar speculations.
6. To promote empathy and solidarity among the members of the educational community and the refugee camps.
7. To make students aware of their right for free thought, conscience and opinion in life and personal safety.
8. The connection between school and society with the opening of the school to life and the empowerment of the school and community relations.
9. To make students love sport activities in nature and to feel the joy of being in nature through these activities. This will have a positive influence on the psycho - kinetic development of students.
10. To give local and regional communities chances of development through Eco tourism and alternative tourism in the local and European paths.

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